About Us

Jerry has installed geothermals since the industry revived in the early '80s. He first got interested in them to save money on his own heating bills. When they performed up to the hype, he started offering them to his own area HVAC customers.

We believe people should be allowed to do their own work to save money, when it's safe and they have the ability. The geothermal industry does have good reason to be afraid of homeowners getting bad installations, but refusing to sell for DIY doesn't fix the problem of bad installations.

More geothermals at lower costs is a win for everyone: you, with lower bills and better comfort, us, with more satisfied customers, and the U.S.'s and world's population, with reduced reliance on fossil fuels and a lower energy footprint that means a cleaner and safer environment for everyone.

Our technicians are IGSHPA accredited installers of ground-source a.k.a. geothermal heat pump systems! Visit the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association's website to learn about IGSHPA and their training.