ClimateMaster ClimaDry Geothermal Heat Pump Dehumidification System

Many areas of the country have very high humidity, even when temperatures aren't hot enough for air conditioning. This makes your home feel damp, muggy, and uncomfortable, and can even cause mildew. Many people that live in areas like this buy whole house dehumidifiers, but these cost a lot to operate.

The ClimateMaster ClimaDry geothermal heat pump system is great for these areas of the country where the humidity is high, but the outside air temperatures are not hot enough to allow complete dehumidification by the air conditioning system. What is nice about the ClimaDry unit is that it will keep the air in your home very comfortable all year round.

With ClimaDry, your thermostat is able to tell how humid it is in your home. When the humidity is too high, the geothermal heat pump will switch to the ClimaDry dehumidification mode, and run until the air has been dehumidified and made to feel absolutely comfortable. As it is removing the humidity, it keeps the temperature right where you set it, all automatically, and for a fraction of the cost of running a whole house dehumidifier.

If you are sizing your equipment with us, we can give you an estimate for a ClimateMaster ClimaDry geothermal heat pump system, and estimate what this system will cost you to operate.